Gold & Silver

Spot Gold and Silver
Investors can participate in the spot commodities market directly from their desktop. SaxoTraderPro offers 24-hour trading of Spot Gold and Silver. With Saxo Bank, Gold spot and Silver spot can be traded versus US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and Hong Kong dollar. With your Saxo Bank trading account, you receive low margin requirements. This means that you can leverage your commodities investment up to 50 times. You can start trading with a deposit of just 2% of the trade value in collateral.

Spot commodities give you the same flexibility in trading as other spot Forex crosses, meaning that you can short sell as well as hold long positions and place Market, Limit and Stop orders.

Gold and Silver can also be traded through Coactorii Finance’s Forex Options offering and, of course, by using Futures contracts.

Spot Gold and Spot Silver trading conditions are the same as the FX Trading Conditions.

Margin Requirements
Forex is traded on margin enabling you to leverage a small margin deposit for a much greater market effect where:

  » First EUR 50K Margin rates apply to the first EUR 50,000 (or equivalent) of your investment collateral
  » Normal margin rates apply to all investment collateral over EUR 50,000 (or equivalent)

Ticket Fee Threshold
For trades below the Ticket Fee Threshold, a small ticket fee of USD 10 is added to the trade to cover administration costs.